The firm has been in the field of real estate since 1985, accompanying entrepreneurs in large and complex projects in addition to  real estate transactions.

The firm’s real estate division has extensive experience in accompanying large projects, including projects in the field of rezoning  land, urban planning, urban planning preparations, urban renewal plans, TAMA 38, and complex combination transactions.

Due to the special complexity and sensitivity of the field of real estate, which encompasses different fields of law, every transaction or project is handled and accompanied by a team headed by one of the firm’s partners, who has much experience in the field. The team’s experience and creativity provide the client with fast, high-quality legal advice.

Our firm’s staff have the ability to leverage the transactions and to offer clients new business opportunities, with collaborations between the firm’s clients that maximize achievements for the benefit of all the parties.

Our clients receive unique, effective advice in work with planning committees, government ministries, the Israel Land Authority, etc., and advancement of complex transactions until the transaction is completed and registered by  the Land Registration Office.

The firm handles a variety of clients in Israel and abroad, including private clients, private and public building companies, contractors, business people and foreign residents.


Examples of projects the firm is currently handling:


Entrepreneurship and legal handling of construction of a Charedi complex of some 3,200 apartments in Achuzat Brachfeld in Modiin Illit. Our firm is currently handling new contracts for approximately 150 apartments that are now under construction and we also work ongoingly as a housing company and as a kind of “Tabu” (land registry) for nearly 3,200 apartments in the project. All management and registration including transfers and liens takes place in our office.


The Shaar Ha’Ir project in Beit Shemesh –approximately 340 apartments and a commercial and leisure center. Our firm initiated the project, handled purchase of the land from Elite, hired professionals to plan and handle licensing of the plans and the rezoning of the property from industrial to residential and commercial use. Our firm is now handling the apartment sales contracts and registration.


Ashdod – a commercial project at the entrance of the city.


Kiryat Ata – initiating and advancing residential complexes, after handling the rezoning of agricultural land to residential use, approximately 1,500 apartments in two main neighborhoods (representing the landowners in purchases, advancing urban planning, representation and negotiations with entrepreneurs for combination transactions, handling Land enhancement Tax and enhancement  fees until finishing the apartments).


Kiryat Bialik – handling advancement of a residential complex in a neighborhood which will soon be approved .


Bnei Tzion – handling purchase of nearly 600 dunams of agricultural land by private clients, labor agreements, etc.


The firm’s handling of real estate matters includes all the stages that a real estate entrepreneur deals with: purchasing and registering the land, planning in conjunction with the various committees, licensing, selling and registering the apartments.

If necessary we join up with firms and experts in the fields of taxation and appraisal which we have been working with, and have  many years of activity in these fields.

Real estate and planning​

Real estate and planning​